HPO will promote its port project and station network

All the licenses for the import port should be ready by the end of Year 2020. Works would take two years. For the Service Station Network the goal is to reach 30 locations also by the end of this year.

After starting operations of its glycerin refinery (US $ 30 million) in 2019, HPO Corp. will focus in 2020 on two projects: the port terminal in Lurín and the expansion of its service station network.

This was stated by its general manager, Samir Abudayeh, after stating that this year they will dedicate themselves to  obtain of all the licenses for the fuel import terminal, in order to start the works in 2021. “It is an interesting project for our biodiesel, oil, glycerin, and other businesses. Construction can take two years, “the executive told Gestión. The terminal would be installed on land with access to the sea, adjacent to its warehouses and processing plants.

Service Station Network

For this 2020 the expansion of the Herco service station network is the second project of HPO. And in that sense, they hope to reach 30 locations by the end of the year. Under this objective, Abudayeh assured that they are targeting not only Lima but also the provinces, considering the construction, purchase or rental of stations.

“We are decentralizing. Now we are in Chiclayo and we have a station in Barranca ready to open and in Cañete we are opening two”, he explained, after signing an agreement with Petroperú and the National Board of Oil Palm of Peru (Junpalma) to boost the biodiesel industry. Currently, the company has 17 stations.

Biodiesel and glycerin
In biodiesel, Abudayeh projected improvement from the purchase of 70,000 barrels by Petroperú, under the aforementioned agreement. “Today we have idle capacity at the biodiesel plant, despite the fact that we already serve La Pampilla and Pluspetrol,” he noted. And in the glycerin business, he indicated that they have already exported to more than 20 countries, targeting different industries.


Process. HPO Corp. is working today to obtain the Osinergmin license for the port terminal. Format. In the station network, it will continue betting on large, full-service formats. Business. The Group also operates in the wholesale sale of fuels and supply to aviation.

Source: Asociación peruana de agentes marítimos

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