PETROPERÚ promotes the purchase of national raw material for biodiesel production

Palm growers in the Amazon region of our country will have an important development opportunity, thanks to the strategic alliance signed between the National Board of Oil Palm of Peru (JUNPALMA) and the company Heaven Petroleum Operators (HPO), supplier of biodiesel from PETROPERÚ.

The President of the PETROPERÚ Board of Directors, Carlos Paredes Lanatta, stressed that this agreement is the result of the articulating role that the state company has developed with the private sector to promote the consumption of alternative products to the coca leaf in the Peruvian jungle. He pointed out that with this agreement an important step is being taken for a national production to enter the biodiesel production chain, under the same quality conditions and obtaining a better price than that of the international companies that entered the contest.

In accordance to the strategic alliance, JUNPALMA is committed to offering its production of crude palm oil with the requirements and standards required for the production of B100 biodiesel, for which it can count on the technological support of HPO in the production process of this raw material for the production of fuels with low sulfur content.

Meanwhile, HPO undertakes to prioritize the purchase of the raw material from the producers associated with JUNPALMA, acquiring from these a volume of not less than 25%. The HPO company must deliver to PETROPERÚ, 70,000 barrels of B100 biodiesel, according to the previously signed contract, for the preparation of the clean diesel fuel B5 that the state company offers in the national market.

Given the importance of this agreement that contributes to the growth of the national market, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Juan Carlos Liu Yonsen; the Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons, Víctor Murillo Huamán and the Governor of Ucayali, Francisco Pezo Torres, among other regional authorities in the areas where oil palm cultivation takes place.

According to the contract signed with the state company, HPO must deliver the biodiesel at the Callao terminal in PETROPERÚ, following the protocols for safety and quality control and product volume, established in the contract that comes into force next February.

Source: Petroperú

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