HPO Corp

The Solair company was established in 2002 as Solvent Wholesaler, determined its commercial area for comprehensive market care. At the same time, HPO Corp. establishes through its company Herco Combustibles its OPDH Storage Plant (Solvents), providing storage and dispatch for said products.

Solair as an OPDH Wholesaler plays a very important role in the value chain of the Peruvian Solvents market (Solvent 1, Solvent 3 and the Natural Gas Condensates) (CGN).



We work with high standards for the highest quality


We care about the safety of our workers


To achieve a good result, we have an efficient team

Its role has been decisive in developing products that use solvent as the main component of the following categories:

It has long-term contracts with the main OPDH producers in Peru as well as a large portfolio of clients. Herco Plant has a Storage Capacity: 43 MB.

SOLAIR holds the required wholesale licenses for ODP as follows:

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